Hedwin lost 19 pounds, 5.1 inches and 5.43% body fat in JUST 12 WEEKS.


"Before I started this journey, I thought myself as a “fit” person and having some decent eating habits. My idea of being fit was working out and eating plenty of food to fuel my body… not knowing I was actually doing it the wrong way. Adding on weight to my body was actually my idea of bulking, or adding muscle. I was far from where I had envisioned and I was about to embark in an eye opening experience. When I decided to sign up for the Gold’s Gym Challenge, I knew two things I needed; A new diet and workout plan, and I wanted to test myself physically and mentally.

For 12 weeks I tested myself not only physically but mentally. I see healthy eating and regular exercise not only as a hobby, but as a lifestyle. Pushing myself to new limits day-after-day at the gym became enjoyable after the results started to show. I wanted to keep pushing myself to see how far I could take this. Eating healthier not only made me feel better, but it taught me an important lesson on how important it is to balance a diet, with the right nutrients, and your exercise routine. I am able to now live a lifestyle that makes me feel great. The Gold’s Gym 12 Week Challenge may be over, but my fitness journey to my healthier lifestyle has just begun."



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