Kristin lost 24.4 pounds and 14.75 inches in JUST 12 WEEKS.


"172. 158. 145. 164. 153. You may wonder what all of these numbers have in common. Each represents a time in the last few decades where the morning scale set the tone for the day – disappointment, joy, frustration, self-loathing, unhappiness. Working out for an event, or an outfit, motivated how I ate and if I worked out at all. I was in a cycle of rewarding myself for achieving short term goals and the number on the scale continued to fluctuate while more of my self-confidence was chipped away. Ask me about any diet promising svelte hips and trim arms. Most likely I’ve tried it and failed. Then I had a daughter.

Allowing a number to define me not only robbed my joy, but it would ingrain upon my little girl’s mind that this was a normal way to live. That was when the Gold’s Gym Challenge caught my eye. I needed something more than just a short term fix. A few weeks in I decided to really go for it and the Gold’s Gym Trainers helped explain how proper nutrition would help my muscles grow if I wanted to focus on body fat instead of body weight. After nine weeks I weighed what my weight on my driver’s license states – or as I used to say my “suggested” weight. What I used to hold dear as an ideal number was simply just a number. And you know what? When I went in for my “after” pictures, I actually weighed less than that magical number from decades past. I teared up from sheer joy that being fit is the best gift that you can give yourself and your loved ones. Thank you Gold’s Gym for the chance to change not only my destiny, but my daughter’s too."



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