Robyn lost 18 pounds, 10.5 inches and 6.3% body fat in JUST 12 WEEKS.




"I was diagnosed with Goiter 10 years ago and after my second kid I was put on medication for an underactive thyroid disease. Being in my 30’s I knew that I needed to make a change because I didn’t want to be on medication that I had to take daily, so I made the decision to participate in the Gold’s Gym Challenge. I knew going into the Gold’s Gym Challenge that it was going to be mentally harder to keep focused on eating clean and keeping up with training. I had lost weight before, and it was easy to just fall back into old habits and feeling discouraged. This time it was going to be different!

My husband tells everyone that I’m grumpy when I don’t get to work out, and it’s the truth! It may sound cliché but, “mind over matter” really does work. It is what drove me to swim that mile, push through the last round in GOLD’SFIT, and get through that last rep when it feels like there is no gas left in the tank. Now I’m able to show my kids that they can do anything they put their minds to! Thank you Gold’s Gym, you are awesome!"



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